What Time Should We Have Our Wedding?

Scenic overlooks. Oceanfront strolls. Beaches with the softest sand you could ever imagine. Really, what’s not to adore? Many lovebirds plan on holding their nuptials here on Maui each year, and with good reason: with amazing weather year-round and natural beauty in abundance, the Valley Isle is one of the best places to get married, bar none. However, when it comes to imagining your picture-perfect wedding day here on Maui, it’s important to consider what time of the day you’d like to kick things off, as there are distinct benefits and considerations to ponder no matter what time of day you choose: 

Morning Ceremonies (between 10 AM and 1 PM)

The morning wedding can be ideal for those couples that envision a celebratory brunch with family and friends afterwards, swiftly followed by heading out to enjoy all the Valley Isle has to offer. A morning wedding will leave plenty of time for photographs and celebrations, and allow you to accommodate a full dance card of activities as a newlywed the rest of your day. Having said that, you would be wise to also take note that a morning wedding typically doesn’t leave an abundance of time pre-ceremony for preparations, so ceremonies in the AM are best for those who can stay on top of the to-do list beforehand. 

Afternoon Galas (between 1 and 4 PM)

The classic choice for many Maui weddings, an afternoon ceremony will leave you with enough prep time in the morning and the ability to take in your first sunset as a married couple; just imagine the photo ops! Bright light and warm temperatures await those who plan an afternoon ceremony (particularly at the beach), so be advised to plan ahead with plenty of water. If you’ve selected a wedding package that includes a reception to be held afterwards, afternoon weddings can lend a classic sense of timing to the festivities, and are sure to be a smash hit for both you and your guestlist. 

Sunset Celebrations (from 6 PM onward)

Perhaps you want to line up your wedding to launch straight into the celebration, or maybe you want the maximum amount of time possible to prepare on your big day. Either way, evening weddings are a wonderful choice for couples that might want to hit the surf before tying the knot. Your photographer will be sure to appreciate it: when you hear folks talking about the ‘magic hour,’ this is what they mean! Gorgeous photos will soon be yours at a sunset wedding, and ceremonies held at the beach are likely to be less crowded and enjoy cooler temperatures, making this a perfect choice for those romantics looking to avoid the crowds during peak hours. 

The time of day you choose to hold your wedding will ultimately depend on the unique constellation of your goals, your budget, your specific location, and your preferred aesthetics. A little forethought will go a long way towards making the wedding of your dreams come true, and after all…you’re getting married on Maui, so your big day is sure to be a smash hit morning, noon, or night!