Planning For the Perfect Elopement on Maui

Deciding to elope can be both incredibly romantic and wonderfully freeing, giving a hard pass to the guest list and choosing to focus on just the two of you. Que chique! While each elopement is as unique as the couple themselves, the planning necessary to elope in an exotic locale can be a hectic undertaking for even the most-patient among us. Are you up to date on all the rules and regulations for getting married in your preferred locale? Don’t fret, Happily Maui’d is here to give you some top tips to guide your elopement planning to perfection!

Choosing Your Location and Exploring the Particulars

Selecting the spot to exchange your vows is deeply personal. Perhaps it would be meaningful for you to incorporate nature, or to be as secluded as possible for just the two of you? Maybe you’d like to ensure accessibility to your spot, and to include just your closest family and friends. Your relationship will help you both to choose the best location to hold your wedding elopement, along with how inclusive you would like to be regarding any possible guests. Hawaii is a world-famous destination for elopements, and with good reason: the island of Maui has been perennially voted as one of the ‘Best Island in the United States’ by Conde Nast Traveler for over 20 years!

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Create an Elopement Timeline

Although elopements are typically less involved than a more-traditional wedding, a keen sense of planning is still required in order to minimize your stress levels and to ensure that all your proverbial ducks are in a row. Each elopement is different and comes with its own unique particulars and needs, from the celebration itself to how long you’d like to spend at your destination. Are you thinking about holding the ceremony at sunrise or sunset, what about activities around the festivities? The beauty of it all is that it’s up to you! Make sure to start planning well ahead of time before you touch down, however: we’d recommend getting started at least 8-12 months prior to the wedding.

Plan Ahead for the Big Announcement

It’s wise to consider just how you’d like to make the big reveal to all of your family and friends around your elopement. Sadly, not everyone may share your enthusiasm to get away from it all and have an intimate ceremony, which is why it’s so important to consider how you’ll share the wonderful news far and wide. Opportunities for creativity abound; check out some of our favorite elopement announcements of 2020!

Attention to Detail

Don’t forget that marriage license! Woe is the couple that ignores state law during their elopement, only to find out that their marriage is not legitimate in the eyes of the law nor their home state or country. Be sure to do your homework in advance, lest you find your romantic elopement turning into a real laugher.

Hire a Wedding Coordinator

Sure, we might be a little biased 😊. Having said that, hiring a local planner will help you to be advised of all the legalities to be considered at your destination, along with helping you to secure an officiant, a photographer/videographer, and any other vendors that you would like to have as a part of your enchanting elopement wedding. A talented wedding coordinator can also arrange for day-of transportation and dining options, and probably know about some killer locations for those wedding photos or portrait sessions as well. It can be incredibly stressful to plan your wedding from thousands of miles away, or perhaps in a place that you’ve never even been to before. Additionally, many wedding coordinators offer inclusive packages to secure everything you’ll need for a perfect elopement, at an affordable cost. Why not go with the best, so that you can focus on marrying the love of your life?

Aloha, and happy tidings!