Don’t Let These 5 Wedding Planning Oversights Derail Your Big Day!

So your partner got down on one knee (and ideally put some thought into it beforehand!), popped the question, and now you’re looking forward to planning out your big day and happily-ever-after together. But with so many things to keep track of, how can you be sure that your planning won’t turn into a nightmare of stress as the wedding approaches? Never fear! Today we’d like to bring you 5 of the biggest wedding planning gaffes couples fall into, along with a few words of advice to keep your special day on track:

1) Ignoring or overshooting on your budget: Sadly, this is a classic mistake by the uninitiated that can have major consequences for your wedding. Sure, there will be some last-minute adjustments and costs to be borne, but sticking to your well-established budget will help to keep things on track on the long road to the big day. We know that crunching numbers isn’t the most exciting thing you could be doing, but establishing some firm financial boundaries early on in the process will likely save you from some massive headaches later on.

2) Waiting too long to book hotel rooms for your out-of-town guests: Far too often, the newlyweds-to-be leave this until the very last minute, causing some ruffled feathers amongst the distinguished guests who are now desperately trying to secure accommodation on their own. Start your research well in advance of the wedding, and be sure to book your hotel rooms early enough so that the information can be included in your invitations, wedding websites, and save-the-dates if possible. Maui might be paradise, but you can still get left out in the cold without having a place to stay!

3) Overindulging the guest list: Sure, it’s lovely to be loved, but inviting more people to your wedding than the venue can accommodate is a surefire way to cause a stir at the reception when guests are being turned away. It’s important to note that most venues are unable to add additional seating or tables due to fire laws and regulations limiting their maximum capacity. Our best rule of thumb: only invite as many guests as you can accommodate!

4) Leaning too much on your family and friends for professional responsibilities: So your Uncle Mike used to be a DJ back in the day? That’s great…but we’d encourage a little caution before turning over the microphone and your playlist just yet. That goes double for your friend who’s “always had an interest” in photography and swears he’ll do a perfect job (here’s hoping that he doesn’t leave the lens cap on). No matter your budget, we always recommend hiring professional vendors for your wedding, leaving nothing to chance and keeping Uncle Mike back where he belongs…on the dancefloor!

5) Going it alone: Finally, we’d like to encourage you to invest in a little help around all the stressors of planning your big day. After all, this list only skims the surface of all the wedding planning mishaps that could derail the festivities. Hiring a professional wedding planner is one of the best ways to avoid all the major pitfalls in planning your upcoming nuptials, and why not hire the very best on Maui for your Hawaiian wedding spectacular? Happily Maui’d is able to plan and coordinate your wedding with glee, with award-winning services and vendors that are sure to make your upcoming wedding a dream come true. Aloha, a hui hou!