Lakeisha and Jordan: Happily Maui’d at Merriman’s Grassy Overlook

Lakeisha and Jordan first contacted Happily Maui’d in late 2018, hoping to have their wedding among the palm trees and the sands of Hawaii the next year. Our very own Diana Brown helped the couple to plan and deliver a wedded extravaganza they’ll always treasure, bringing together the best of this wonderful couple through the natural allure of the Valley Isle. 

Lakeisha and Jordan stayed at the Kapalua Golf Villas, beautifully situated upon over 16 acres in northwest Maui. Nestled in between Pineapple Hill and the Kapalua Bay Golf Course, the couple’s accommodations perfectly matched the serene, island tone for the celebration yet to come. Kapalua Bay itself has long been renowned as housing one of the world’s best beaches, topping the annual ‘Dr. Beach’ survey in 2018 for its picturesque views and immaculate stretch of sand. Perfect for swimming and snorkeling, Kapalua is also home to many wonderful restaurants and resorts, cementing its status as one of Maui’s top attractions.

The happy couple selected our Merriman’s wedding package, perfect for those with a larger guest list and designs on an exclusive, private ceremony. Located in scenic West Maui inside of Kapalua Bay, Merriman’s Grassy Overlook sits atop a majestic cliff that commands a view of Moloka’i in the distance and the gentle swells of the Pacific below in the foreground. Stationed in front of the world-class Merriman’s Restaurant, this exotic locale was a splendid selection for the eager couple to exchange their vows.  

Indeed, while the Kapalua Golf Villas are located just 5 minutes away from Merriman’s Overlook, with shuttle access provided on the daily…it wasn’t fast enough for our bride! Lakeisha was so excited to marry the love of her life that she simply couldn’t wait for that pesky shuttle any longer, so she hopped into her rental car, wedding dress and all, and pulled up to Merriman’s in style. Fellas…get you a woman that is so eager to say yes that she drives herself to the joint styling, profiling, and raring to go!

At the ceremony guests were treated to the musical stylings of Irene Ryding, a classically trained and renowned harpist who has performed all over the world and calls Maui home, lucky for us. Lakeisha and Jordan committed their love to one another under a beautiful, azure sky officiated by our friend, ‘da Barefoot Warrior’ himself, Ernest Pua’a! Ordained at the Harvest Chapel in Lahaina, he is able to provide couples with either spiritual or non-denominational rituals, complete with Hawaiian traditions to give any wedding the aloha you’re looking for. Matias from NV Maui Media was on hand to capture the ceremony with a spectacular set of photographs, and Caleb from No Ka Oi Media lived up to his billing, documenting the proceedings with stunning video that will allow their special day to be treasured forever. Happily Maui’d also coordinated with Accel Event Rentals to secure decorative seating and arrangements, which were accented to perfection by Sunya’s Flowers with a gorgeous and tasteful array of local blossoms. The newlyweds capped it all off by sharing a romantic dinner at the aforementioned Merriman’s, who specialize in local fare and remain dedicated to supporting Maui farmers and the local economy. Maui no ka oi!

Lakeisha and Jordan’s wedding seamlessly blended tradition and beauty, delivering an experience that they’ll be sure to treasure forever. Diana and the folks at Happily Maui’d would love to help you make your own wedded fantasy come true! Come check out our selection of Maui Wedding Packages, which come complete with several built-in features and customizable add-ons for the wedding experience of a lifetime. Aloha!